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"I joined Tucson Moms in April 2003. I was the first of my friends to get married and have children and I always felt like my concerns (sleep deprivation, baby hasn't pooped in two days, the frustrations of colic, etc) were not understood my by childless friends no matter how hard they tried. When I was able to stop working to be a stay-at-home mom, I took it as an opportunity to find other moms to socialize with while getting some playtime for my daughter. My neighbor was a member and invited me to come check it out. My daughter fit right in with the other kids and I quickly bonded with the mothers of the group. Most of us then began to have second children to add to the group, and I was amazed by what a support network we turned out to be for each other! I took over my group as a leader when ours stepped down, and did that for two years. It has been so neat over the past few years to see all of the kids that my daughter has played with grow up, become older siblings, start school... The moms from my group are my friends and we help each other as much as possible, whether it be watching each other's kids, dinner parades at times of need, or just being a supportive ear. I recently took on a Director position for Tucson Moms and I love being a part of something that has been such a huge help for me! I am grateful for the friendships I have found for myself and my children - it is all thanks to Tucson Moms!" Jennifer

Tucson Moms History

Our Mission: Tucson Moms is dedicated to providing support to mothers and their young families through friendship, playgroups, and education within a casual, family-focused environment.

Tucson Moms was started in 2000 by two moms; Lisa Locke and Elizabeth Boccardo.  Lisa moved to Tucson from Northern California and started looking for a support group immediately.  Not having much luck, she suggested to a group of moms she had connected with to start up a group here in town to offer support, guidance and friendship to the Tucson community.  From this idea, the very first Tucson Moms playgroup was born!  All of the women committed to volunteering and helping get the fledgling group off the ground.

In its first year, Tucson Moms was quickly established as a non-profit organization, and a website, brochure and newsletter were started within the first few months.  The brochure was distributed throughout town much like it is today; to pediatrician offices, libraries, park and recreation classes, and the like.  Many community groups and businesses were supportive with helping hand out the brochure, but word of mouth is what really grew Tucson Moms and in the first year, over 100 moms became members.

Playgroups were formed based on location and the year a child was born.  These first groups met at Udall, Fort Lowell, and Mehl Park and were for babies born in 1997, 1998, and 1999.  It’s hard to believe some of those babies are in high school now!  A regular Moms Night Out and an evening educational series followed to help add to the Tucson Mom experience.

Today, we operate very much in the same way we did in the year 2000.  We offer support and friendship to moms, children and the entire family.  We hope you and your children will join us!

Tucson Moms Co-Directors

Jenaway Gallo

Jenaway Gallo moved to Tucson in 2005 from Park City Utah.  Shortly after moving to Tucson, she met her husband and they were married in 2010. Jenaway has a Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science from the University of Arizona and is a Certified Veterinary Technician through Pima Community College. She has worked in a veterinary clinic on the Eastside of Tucson for 6 years and currently teaches at Pima Community College, since 2009. Jenaway and her husband have two beautiful boys – AJ (3 years old) and William (almost 1). When her husband isn’t at work for the Border Patrol they enjoy building projects together or spending a day outside. Jenaway has been a member of Tucson Moms since the summer of 2013.


Vanessa Hoang

Vanessa Hoang is a native to Arizona. She grew up in Sierra Vista and moved to Tucson for the University of Arizona. After graduating with her Bachelors Degree in Retailing & Consumer Science with a minor in Business Administration she continued on to achieve her Masters in Management. She was the Store Manager of Kohl’s for 6 years before she decided to become a SAHM. Vanessa and her husband have been married for 3 years now; he works at Fort Huachuca with the Department of Defense as a civilian employee. They have a beautiful 2 year old son, Liam. Their days off are spent together; the Hoang family enjoys traveling and spending time with friends and family.  Vanessa has been a member of Tucson Moms since the summer of 2012.


  • Elizabeth Boccardo
  • Lisa Locke

Board of Directors

February 2015 to February 2016

  • Jenaway Gallo, Co-Director
  • Vanessa Hoang, Co-Director
  • Amanda Perkumas, Treasurer
  • Kirsten Wallace, Secretary
  • Brittan Plunkett, Registrar
  • Amy Pertile, Newsletter Editor
  • Lauren Romero, Advertising
  • Currently Open, Webmaster
  • Erin Anderson
  • Jennifer Baker
  • Ashley Keys

Members at Large

  • Lisa Locke, Founder
  • Elizabeth Boccardo, Founder
  • Rebecca Esposito
  • Kendra McDermed
  • Jackie McGuire
  • Kristin Owens
  • Rebecca McCourt
  • Renee O Connor

Tucson Moms Volunteers:

  • Lela William and Meg Belen, NW 13
  • Kristin Owens and Sara Longstreth, NW 12
  • Jennifer Baker & Erin Anderson, NW 2011
  • Jenny Rienstra, South All Ages
  • Vanessa Hoang , Vail Tots
  • Carin Callie and Amy Pertile, East 2013
  • Kim Williams and Sara Downes, Central 2014
  • Allison VanDyke, GLBT
  • Kat Simons, Military Moms
  • Jessica Tocco & Jessica Stewart, West All Ages
  • Emily Blewett , East ’11 &’12
  • Jessyka Bauer, Healthy Moms, Healthy Kids
  • Lela Williams, Book Club
  • Kristin Owens, NW 14
  • Amy Pertile, East 14
  • Jenny Jenkins, OV/Catalina 2014
  • Michelle Fick, Oro Valley All Ages
  • Natalie Mills, Rita Ranch
  • Lana Littleman, Working Moms