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Member-Playgroup Guidelines

1. Please do not bring your child to playgroup if you suspect he/she might be ill. Your child must be free of any of these symptoms 24 hours prior to attending a playgroup that week: Temperature of 100 degrees or higher, vomiting, diarrhea, red or swollen eyes, pink eye, runny nose with green or yellow discharge, questionable rashes, persistent coughing, or exposure to any contagious illness. If your child is being treated with antibiotics, he/she should be on the drug for at least 24 hours before attending a playgroup as well. Your cooperation in adhering to these guidelines is for the health of all children.

2. Children often act out in social situations. Therefore, hitting, biting, pushing, or other play that may injure another child cannot be tolerated. If your child is having a particularly bad day, you may consider removing the child from the play area for a short time, or even leaving early and rejoining playgroup the following week. Although we are all understanding and tolerant of children’s behavior and phases, recurrent violent actions (such as biting) are not acceptable. If your child is going through one of these phases, you may need to refrain from playgroup for a few weeks until the phase ends. Please watch your child carefully at playgroup to help avoid these occurrences.

3. An important part of the Tucson Moms mission is to support one another as Moms. With that in mind, damaging or derogatory remarks or actions directed towards fellow members that adversely affect the operation of a playgroup will not be tolerated. Please also refrain from giving unwanted advice, as each of us have our own parenting style and skills.

4. Some additional “common sense” guidelines …

If you are a guest in someone’s home, please respect the rules of their house.

Encourage your child to help clean up after a playgroup meeting at someone’s house.

Please RSVP when requested! Playgroup leaders work hard to plan fun activities for you and your child(ren), and knowing how many people to plan for makes that job a lot easier.

Repeated violations of the above guidelines are grounds for revocation of membership as determined by the Board of Directors.

Please address comments or questions to Tucson Moms.