"I moved to Tucson at the end of April 2004. I knew absolutely no one and had a brand new baby girl born in February. I was never one to join a sorority or support group, or really any group at all for that matter. A friend of mine had mentioned that she joined a mom's group and just loved it and it was a great place for her child to make some friends. I thought what the heck and did some research to find that the first meeting for the NW04 group was to be that next week. I met up with 3 other Moms who to this day have become great friends and true lifesavers. I have made some of the best friends I have ever made, in fact more friends than I have ever made and they are all a fantastic support group. I wouldn't have made it this far with out them. We are there for each other all the time and have a great time together as well. To top it all off, our kids are becoming the best of friends. I now just love Tucson and can't imagine living anywhere else.. what would I do without my girls?! Tucson Mom's is a fantastic idea and the best thing I have done for myself as well as my daughter." Dawn