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Our Mission:
Tucson Moms is dedicated to providing support to children and their care givers through friendship, playgroups, education, community outreach, and volunteering within a casual, family-focused environment.

Tucson Moms History


Tucson Moms was started in 2000 by two moms; Lisa Locke and Elizabeth Boccardo. Lisa moved to Tucson from Northern California and started looking for a support group immediately. Not having much luck, she suggested to a group of moms she had connected with to start up a group here in town to offer support, guidance and friendship to the Tucson community. From this idea, the very first Tucson Moms playgroup was born! All of the women committed to volunteering and helping get the fledgling group off the ground.


In its first year, Tucson Moms was quickly established as a non-profit organization, and a website, brochure and newsletter were started within the first few months. The brochure was distributed throughout town much like it is today; to pediatrician offices, libraries, park and recreation classes, and the like. Many community groups and businesses were supportive with helping hand out the brochure, but word of mouth is what really grew Tucson Moms and in the first year, over 100 moms became members.


Playgroups were formed based on location and the year a child was born. These first groups met at Udall, Fort Lowell, and Mehl Park and were for babies born in 1997, 1998, and 1999. It's hard to believe some of those babies are in high school now! A regular Moms Night Out, an evening educational series, yearly community project, and regular philanthropic activieis followed to help add to the Tucson Mom experience.


Today, we operate very much in the same way we did in the year 2000. We offer support and friendship to moms, children and the entire family as well as philanthropic support to the Tucson non-profit community. We hope you and your children will join us!


Meet Our Co-Directors


Shayna has served as the Tucson Moms Community Outreach Director as well as the East 2018 playgroup leader for the past two years.  

Shayna is a Tucson native who earned her Master’s degree in Education from the University of Arizona. Before becoming a stay at home mom, she worked as a high school science teacher and dance team instructor. 

In addition to spending time with her family, Shayna enjoys capoeira, tutoring math, and volunteering for Make a Wish Foundation. Joining Tucson Moms has allowed her to form lasting friendships and has given her the opportunity to meet wonderful people in our community.

Shayna Walton


May Gomez

May has served as a co-leader for the NW 2018 group and most recently, became an event planning co-director. 


May is a Tucson native. She attended the University of Arizona where she earned her Bachelors degree in Physiology and her Masters of Science in Nursing (MS-RN). She works as a part time cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation nurse. 


The rest of the time, she is a stay at home momma to her two sweet girls, Isabella and Sophie. She married her high school sweetheart, Chris, who is currently a medical resident. Together, they are huge Disney fans with the girls as Disney lovers in training. 


May loves to spend time with her family and friends. Tucson Moms has allowed May to develop some incredible friendships. She now has a wonderful village of mom friends that have been there for her through the ups and downs of life. She hopes to share this wonderful organization with others in hopes that they too, can build lasting friendships while navigating motherhood together.

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