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Playgroups geared toward moms, dads, and caregivers with children from birth to preschool.

Give Us A Try!

Potential members are invited to use the Join Now button below to take advantage of a FREE, full-month, trial membership.


Attend a playgroup, join our exclusive Facebook community, and start to see what Tucson Moms is about. 

Experience first-hand why we've been a part of the Tucson community for 20+ years.

Join Tucson Moms Through MemberPlanet!

Tucson Moms recently switched to a new platform called, memberplanet to share event details - including scheduled playgroups & photos, as well as manage memberships.

Please create a secure account and get started today!

To sign up, click on the link above, then go through the form:

  1. Create a new account by entering your name, email and password.

  2. A verification code will be sent to your email- enter that code into the next screen

  3. Provide the information you would like about your family and Facebook name.   (Please note: we will still push out information to Facebook, so we still will be doing things through Facebook and it is necessary to provide Facebook info)

  4. ​Select your membership level

  5. Go to our Home Screen and get familiar with Memberplanet

  6. The bar on the left side of the screen will provide all the information to navigate around the memberplanet page

Memberplanet also has an app - so please feel free to download that from your App Store

Why we have membership dues

As a social non-profit, we operate soley on the funds brought in by our membership dues & local sponsorships/partnerships. We are always asked why we have a membership dues. Your annual dues are spent towards playgroup insurance, maintenance & operating costs, advertising, and funding all of our great family-oriented activities. Our organization is completely run by moms who volunteer their time - no one in our organization profits from membership dues.

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