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Volunteer Opportunities

The following is a list of our volunteer positions. If you have an interest or skills in any of these areas that you would like to share, please email us at

Indicates an open position


Community Outreach Committee – Do you want to give back to the community and help others?  The Community Outreach Committee, led by the Community Outreach Director, is responsible for organizing and facilitating several volunteering and charitable giving opportunities throughout the Tucson Moms year, including our Annual Giving Event in November.


New Member Development Committee –Have you had a positive experience with Tucson Moms and want to share it with others?  Do you have a background in marketing or public relations and want to keep those skills strong?  The New Member Development Committee, led by the New Member Development Director, spreads the word about Tucson Moms to other moms looking for the friendship and support we have all found in Tucson Moms.  Whether it is contacting businesses and organizations, manning a table at an event, speaking to a group, dropping off brochures at your doctor’s office, writing press releases, there are many ways to promote Tucson Moms.

Event Planning Committee – Do you like to plan events?  Can you come up with fun ideas and activities?  Our Event Planning Committee, led by the Event Planning Director, plans and manages all of our events from our citywide MNOs to large family events like the night at the Tucson Children’s Museum.  Come share your new ideas and help promote fun and unity in Tucson Moms.

Playgroup Leader

Ever considered being a Playgroup Leader? It is a fulfilling and simple job that requires a minimal amount of time each month. Consider helping out your playgroup by being the new leader if your leader is stepping down soon or just helping out with an event when your leader needs a little assistance. The core support and friendship of Tucson Moms is found in our playgroups. So think about lending a hand, the difference you make in the lives of others will make you feel great inside.


Co-Director - Can you multi-task?  Are you organized?  Do you enjoy knowing the inner workings of an organization?  If so, we have the perfect position for you.   If you are interested in gaining a lot of experience running a non-profit group, then send us an email.  This position is a great resume builder and does require a two year commitment.


Treasurer - The Treasurer will be responsible for managing the budget, tracking and entering all expenditures, monitoring TM bank account, paying invoices, and assuring all TM expenditures are within budgetary limits. The Treasurer is also responsible for filing yearly organizational taxes.


Registrar - Maintains a monthly list of current Tucson Moms Members. Helps leaders and members with membership questions. Emails renewal notices. Helps to maintain current member mailing lists and groups.  Sends a welcome email to all new members that sign up, adds them to the email list(s), and adds them to the appropriate social media pages/groups.

Secretary- Take minutes at all TM board meetings.  Type up the minutes following each meeting and submit to Directors for filing and approval at next board meeting.


Sponsorship & Partnership Coordinator - Do you like to talk to people? Are you frequently out and about town and interacting with business that target mothers, young children, babies, and families? Then you may be just who we are looking for to help connect them with Tucson Moms. We need someone who would be willing to talk to local businesses, medical and care providers, and individuals about opportunities available through the Sponsorship and Partnership program. 

Education Coordinator -  Do you have a passion for education and for supporting parents through one of the toughest and most rewarding jobs they will ever have?  Our Education Coordinator creates and manages educational events for Tucson Moms parents.  This can include seminar series’, lectures, online Q&As, or educational field trips/retreats for Tucson Moms members.


Webmaster -  Do you enjoy creating and managing websites?  Are you looking to gain new experience in this area or keep current skills fresh?  The Tucson Moms Webmaster is responsible for maintaining, developing, updating and supporting all functions of the Tucson Moms website and email service.

Social Media Coordinator:  Are you a social media marketing ninja?  Would you like to learn how to be?  Our Social Media Coordinator is responsible for creating interactive audience targeted contents for our social media pages and groups that will engage current members and attract new members.  They are also responsible for answering inquiries made via social media, moderating Tucson Moms main Facebook page and group.


Newsletter Co-Editor – Like reading the newsletter every month?  Do you have ideas for how to make it even better?  Enjoy writing and proofreading?  Then the Newsletter Co-Editor position might be perfect for you!  You work with contributions from other TM volunteers to put together the ten issues for the year.  You would come up with themes for the issues, gather content, and proofread articles.


Newsletter Contributors – Do you like to write?  Do you have an opinion on things?  Each month we have a different topic in our newsletter and we are always looking for more contributors.  Whether it’s writing something every month, handling a regular feature, giving ideas, or contributing an article when the mood strikes you, we can use your help!

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